High Quality Detailing and Car Valeting South Birmingham

Car valeting Birmingham

The Clean Car Company ensures its car valeting Birmingham service, and its surrounding areas; receive quality treatment, ideal if you’re looking to give your car a fresh start.

Please view all our testimonials to see for yourself what our clients think of our vehicle and car valeting services, a couple are displayed below:

“Stuart came to clean my pickup and we did both agree that a skip was the word that came to mind! Stuart not only managed to get it looking brand new … i was amazed! he also gave me a bag of items that he hadn’t thrown out including over £90 in cash he found in there! Fantastic job done by an honest hard worker. thanks!”

Also quoted, regarding our car valeting Birmingham services:

“Stuart has now cleaned my “vehicles” for the last 2 years. my one vehicle had not been cleaned for 3 years… Stuart found £98.60 in change and notes amongst the mess!! not only a fabulous valeter but someone i can now trust to recommend to my friends.”

Car valeting is also necessary if you’re looking to sell your vehicle and want to add some value.
If you’d like to know more about our car valeting Birmingham services, or our pricing, check out our FAQ or contact us today.